5 Smooth Stones Screen Saver

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This is a great screen saver that keeps the five key values of church planting movements before you. Its great to look at and a wonderful reminder of values that build the church. When making it I used the 5 key values of church planting from the Greater Europe Mission evangelism and church planting manual.


A few years back I got in the habit of taking public domain Christian books and putting them into Logos Bible Software’s note format. I know, sounds a bit odd. In any case, if have Logos or Libronix as it called today then (more)

———————————————— Windows [prayer] Wallpaper See what there is here.One of my occasional hobbies is photography…that is now that I have a digital camera. So, I have included some pictures I have taken in our travels around Spain here as wallpaper for windows. They come in two sizes, 1024×768 and 800×600. These are a great way to take different look at Spain…and a way to remember to pray for the country.————————————————

PowerPoint and Reading the Biblical Text

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Reading long sections from the Bible during a worship service can sometimes loose an audience. Here is an illustration of what can be done to make the text a little more visual. The first couple of slides were an introduction to the reading of 2 Chronicles 14-15. The idea for this presentation came from Jeff Jansen a missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators serving in Africa.


Example of How to Emphasize the Biblical Text using PowerPoint

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Here is an English example of how to use PowerPoint in Sermons. It uses some of the techniques described in “How to use PowerPoint in Sermons” but does it in English. This is the first two thirds of one of my sermons on 2 Thessalonians 3:1.



How to use PowerPoint in Sermons (Spanish)

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Want more than just an attractive outline? Want more than a great background or template? This PowerPoint answers the question, “How do you emphasize the Bible during your sermon?” It is in Spanish but even if you do not speak Spanish you will benefit from the illustrations. And it is free.


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