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  1. Keith Talbot
    Keith Talbot at | | Reply

    Hi there,
    interesting report thanks, alot of work! You might want to just correct the visuals for Macedonia, they don’t match the stats.
    God bless,

    1. PaulDz
      PaulDz at | | Reply

      Keith, thank you for pointing out the error in the charts for the Republic of Macedonia. I have posted an updated pdf. I appreciate it!

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  3. Justin Long
    Justin Long at | | Reply

    I need to dig into this a little more. Patrick also has some numbers on this. The number of births to second- and third-generations of families that have immigrated are always substantially less than the first generation. I *suspect* (although I don’t have immediate data) that most of the growth of Islam in Europe comes either from (a) immigration (e.g. new people arriving), (b) births to families, or (c) conversion-via-marriage (e.g. not outright conversion so much as someone marrying someone else and converting in the process). I also suspect that many of those converts are not very serious about the faith; it’s primarily a formality. For example, technically Robert Scoble ( converted to Islam to marry his wife, but as far as I can see this is primarily a formality. Is it more than that for a typical European marriage to an immigrant?

  4. Brad Rhoads
    Brad Rhoads at | | Reply

    Thus, more Christians need to have have more kids. Could we possibly trust God with our family planning?

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