Incarnational – the dagerous place

I know this is kind of odd to say that the dangerous place is seeing Jesus as the God Man, 100% God and 100% Man at the same time. It is the orthodox position and I stand by it.

I did not think about it as ‘the dangerous place’ until I read Michael Frost today. He says,

“The incarnation demands that we neither retreat into a holier-than-thou Christian ghetto nor give ourselves over to the values of secular culture. And let’s be honest: that is the most dangerous place of all. It is easier to imagine and embrace a closeted fundamentalism that retreats into a Christ-against-culture mindset. We can picture Jesus there, all holy and pure, unsullied by the world around him. We can also understand the capitulation to our host culture that some Christians make. It would be easy to join those Christians who abandon themselves to materialism, greed, and selfishness.”

That was great. Really challenging. Frost puts it to us again this way,

“When responding as exiles in a post-Christendom world, we are used to seeing some respond with despair and grief (the fundamentalists) and others with assimilation to the dominant values. What is much more disturbing to us is the example of a God who does neither, but instead answers with a fresh, imaginative theological response. Jesus neither slides into compromise and sinfulness, nor fulfills our expectations of the holier-than-though guru.”

It is great to read about applying the incarnation to our lives. The book is Exiles, Living missionally in a Post-Christian Culture by Michael Frost

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  1. Charlie Robinson
    Charlie Robinson at | | Reply

    Paul, great, great thoughts and I pray we may live in the danger zone, not only in our theological position but in the practical lane, that we will really make a difference because of the life and love of Jesus flowing through us.
    Thanks for the reminder to stay away from the lines that would take us out of that danger zone.

    In His Love,

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