Crashing Ideas Together

I’ve taken a holiday from blog writing and almost from micro-blogging. I’ve been working very hard at smashing ideas together and then trying to knit them back together in different ways. Imagine tying a large apple on the end of a string and a small melon on the end of another. Now, take each string in a different hand and begin to whirl them in different directions like two helicopters, one on your right and the other on your left. Then, in your mind (it is probably a bad idea to do it for real) bring the whirling apple and melon closer to the front of you so they can crash against each other. What a great sound that would make!

That is kind of what I have been doing with different ideas: Post-Christendom Missional Frost/Hirsch against the statistics of religion in America; Taleb’s ‘Black Swan’ against Roam’s ‘Back of the Napkin’; Post-Foundational epistemology against conservative Seminary education. The sound of those things crashing together can be pretty impressive.

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