Missional Love Meets Needs

In our ‘ungroup’ we have been talking about a book called “True Faced” (Link to Amazon since, oddly, this Christian book cannot be found on Christianbooks.com). ‘Ungroup’ is a group that hangs out together Tuesday nights and talks about life, the Bible, politics and laughs a lot.  Well, we got to talking about love in the book and Jason quoted from 1 Corinthians 13 about the characteristics of love. At the same time we began to look at the book and talk about how love meets needs.

So, I was wondering what needs the characteristics of love meet in my life. I wrote them out, “I need…” and felt kind of odd about doing that, not comfortable at all. You read it thinking about your needs. Maybe you’ll get the same feeling.  But in the end I thought, wow, I would like to be a person who meets these needs for others.

I also think this is an incredibly missional way of living. If we could live this way with people who are outside of the church and Christian circles it would be amazingly…nice. Jesus would be happy about it I think.  Here is the list.

Love is patient – I need to have people be patient with me.

kind – I need friends and family to be kind to me.

Love is not jealous – I need my loyalty not to be questioned.

does not brag – I need people to not always say how great they are.

not proud – I need people who don´t think they are better than me.

not rude – I need people to treat me with respect.

not selfish – I need people who think about me and my needs too.

does not get upset with others – I need people who don´t get upset with me or others.

does not count up wrongs that have been done – I need people who do not hold grudges.

takes no pleasure in evil – I need people who hate evil.

rejoices over the truth – I need people who focus on and rejoice over truth.

patiently accepts all things – I need people who are accepting of me, others and the situations we are in.

always trusts – I need trusting people, not gullible but trusting.

always hopes – I need people full of hope.

always endures – I need people who endure in trials and suffering.


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