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Today I watched Alan Hirsch give a talk at the Velocity Conference in Georgia. It was a great video and worth the 47 minutes to watch and take notes on.  He made a pretty compelling argument for his statement, “The battle for the future of the church in the West will be won at the level of imagination or it will be lost at that level.”  I was also impressed that he was convinced that Americans and their entrepreneurial / apostolic spirit will be the ones to take this to the world. He said things like, ‘If the church is to be saved in the West then it will be the Americans who do it, but only after some deep thought and prayer.’ Now, some of my European friends might be a bit skeptical of the first though not of the last. That aside, I was impressed by what he said and about how he challenged us to be on mission for God in our own country so that we could come up with a solution to help the unchurched. The video can be found here at I have also embedded my mindmap of the talk below. It is in xmind format.

So, download my notes, and enjoy Alan’s talk.

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