Thinking Differently and Biblical Truth

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I love to talk about innovation and to be innovative in my field. Part of my work is also with the Bible and in theology. Admittedly it is less threatening to be innovative in Christian mission and research. But they all require creativity and innovation. For me, the reason why Bible study and theology can be so creative and innovative is because they touch on the lives of people and must be applied to every day life. It is true that in the mind of God a Bible passage has one clear interpretation. But I think it is equally true that the specific application of that interpretation can be creatively applied to each individual life. Innovation. Human life and living makes Bible application and theology a wonderland of innovation and creativity as we strive with all we are to understand the interpretation God has for His text. Here is a great video from that shows how different we really are. Two minutes and a wow: Derek Sivers: Weird, or just different.

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