Evaluating Jesus’ Relationships Part 1

By understanding how Jesus related to the people around him as described in the four gospels we can understand how He treats people today. That’s the idea. Here is how I think we can evaluate them. Take a look at it and make your comments either here or on Facebook. Thanks for your help.

The chart is 3D and contrasts the following things on a 1 to 10 scale

  • Self (inward, disregard of others) 1 2 3…10 Other People (Disciples, Friends, God)
  • Aggressive (Talkative, Physical) 1 2 3…10 Passive (Quiet, Inactive)
  • Closed (Uninformative, Unfriendly) 1 2 3…10 Open (Informative, Friendly)

Putting it on a 3D scale means that means that the cleansing of the temple would be an Aggressive 8, Open 7, Other People 9.  The prayer in the garden before His betrayal would be a Self 5, Open 10, Aggressive 6.

I know this is a bit of an odd idea and I made up the chart so if you have another idea I would love to hear it..

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