Excuses we make…lol

excuses-749301It is amazing the things we tell ourselves and other to excuse ourselves from hard work. The funniest of these come from kids. . . and their parents.  Here is a list that my brother David made while teaching at a music school. He is a great teacher by the way and the school is really great.

Top bunch of reasons that people stop taking music lessons.

5. When I realized that I could still get chicks by just carrying the guitar case around it became clear that I didn’t need to take lessons.
4. The guitar has all of these strings and you have to strum it and play notes and stuff so I thought that I would just stick with the guitar hero game.
3. (after two months of lessons) I have just finished learning how to play, so I don’t need lessons anymore.
2. (told in the spring when going off of schedule). Oh, no, Johnny loves the lessons and the teacher, it’s just that music is a winter sport.
1. Since Billy played so poorly at the recital we are taking away the music lessons until he can play better.


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