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moore-kutcherAfter work, I repeat, after work I was killing some time and found an article “What is the next Twitter?” It could be So I zipped over and checked it out. What Twitter is to FaceBook is what Qik is to YouTube. Qik streams video from your phone over the internet. So, you can broadcast straight from your phone to the internet live.

It was fun to watch. Even caught a few short videos (42 sec) from Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher what a hoot.

But the funniest thing of all was this guy in Atlanta. He was in his college class about to take an exam. So he streams his video from his phone and says, “Ok, I’m about to take my exam. I’ll show you the questions and you can tweet me the answers.” I laughed out loud, I mean really loud. Can you imagine what 007 could have done with qik and twitter! All this could be used for good but on that exam it was really not going that way.

the_testEthical, no. Funny, yes. Did he get a good grade? No idea. Can you trust random people from the internet watching and tweeting you the right answers? That is a level of trust that I certainly don’t have. Maybe he had someone at home with the book open…but it was all on the internet so I’m sure his prof could have check out the answers during the test from his notebook in the front of the class..

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