Love Music, hug trees in the cold

It turns out hat weather changed the quality of wood and that wood makes better violins.  Check it out:

Stradivarius violins’ special wood

Did “Little Ice Age” Create Stradivarius Violins’ Famous Tone? From National Geographic:

Instruments crafted from the late 17th century onwards by revered violin maker Antonio Stradivari sell for millions of dollars today, and musicians and scientists have long sought to explain their superb sound quality.

Now, American scientists have come up with a possible explanation: A dramatic European cold spell may have enhanced the quality of wood from which the instruments were crafted.

A sharp dip in temperatures between 1645 and 1715 coincided with a reduction in sunspots and the sun’s overall activity known as the Maunder Minimum. Researchers say those factors may have slowed tree growth, thereby creating the ideal building material for violins later manufactured. [continue]

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