Thousands killed in domestic violence


“NEW DELHI (AP) — More than 100,000 young women were killed in fires in India in a single year, and many of those deaths were tied to domestic abuse, according to a new study published Monday. Young Indian women are more than three times as likely to killed by fire as their male compatriots, according to an article published on the Web site of the British medical journal, The Lancet. The victims largely fell within a 15 to 34-year age group.” ((THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Lancet Report: Fire a Major Killer of Indian Women, New York Times, -Mar. 2, 2009.)) Time/CNN also report on this under the title, Why Indian Fires Are Deadlier For Women

Words cannot express the tragedy and the horror of this. May the love of Jesus transform this society! We hear of amazing progress of the gospel there and of the transformation of sections of the society. India is so huge with a population of 1.1 billion people that a rapid church planting movement would take a long time to reach all of Indian society. Also, 100,000 women represents only around 0.02% of the adult female population of India. Still, 100,000 people are 100,000 individuals. Staggering! The study does not say how many of the 100,000 deaths were tied to domestic violence. They simply say that ‘many’ were. Something must be done..

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